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Bits: The Week in Tech: When to Tweet

Twitter struggled, and failed, to answer the question of what is allowed on its platform. And Elon Musk dealt with the consequences of having tweeted in the first place.

Source: NYT > Business Day | 20 Aug 2018 | 3:54 am(NZT)

Iran says no OPEC member can take over its share of oil exports

Iran told OPEC on Sunday no member country should be allowed to take over another member's share of oil exports, expressing Tehran's concern about Saudi Arabia's offer to pump more oil in the face of U.S. sanctions on Iranian oil sales.

Source: Reuters: Business News | 20 Aug 2018 | 3:23 am(NZT)

Elon Musk’s No Good, Very Bad Year: A Tesla Timeline

“This past year has been the most difficult and painful year of my career,” said Mr. Musk, the head of Tesla. “It was excruciating.”

Source: NYT > Business Day | 20 Aug 2018 | 2:45 am(NZT)

Superdry founder's £1m Brexit vote pledge

Multi-millionaire tycoon says he donated because "we have a genuine chance to turn this around".

Source: BBC News - Business | 20 Aug 2018 | 12:40 am(NZT)

News Analysis: The West Hoped for Democracy in Turkey. Erdogan Had Other Ideas.

Turkey’s descent into authoritarianism and crisis has destroyed whatever hopes remained that the country’s president might serve as a force for moderation.

Source: NYT > Business Day | 20 Aug 2018 | 12:30 am(NZT)

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Standard Chartered chief warning over Brexit staff moves

Standard Chartered executive says demands by EU regulators may see the sector move more UK jobs than originally thought.

Source: BBC News - Business | 19 Aug 2018 | 11:36 pm(NZT)

Third of farmed fruit and veg deemed 'too ugly to sell'

Researchers say a lot of farmed produce never reaches supermarkets because it is misshapen or the wrong size.

Source: BBC News - Business | 19 Aug 2018 | 10:41 pm(NZT)

Iran says it is seeking solution to sell oil and transfer revenues: IRNA

Iran's vice president said on Sunday the government was seeking solutions to sell oil and transfer its revenues after the United States withdrew from a nuclear deal with Tehran and slapped fresh sanctions on Iranian energy and banking sectors.

Source: Reuters: Business News | 19 Aug 2018 | 9:18 pm(NZT)

Eurozone bailout programme finally over

The eurozone passes an important milestone on 20 August - the formal end of the bailout of Greece.

Source: BBC News - Business | 19 Aug 2018 | 7:09 pm(NZT)

Brexit: Government set to publish no-deal advice

Dominic Raab says the technical notices are necessary to "mitigate the risks" of a no-deal Brexit.

Source: BBC News - Business | 19 Aug 2018 | 1:58 pm(NZT)

'People no longer go into antiques shops'

How the internet is changing the UK's antiques trade and widening the auctions market.

Source: BBC News - Business | 19 Aug 2018 | 12:05 pm(NZT)

End of Greek bailouts offers little hope to young

Politicians hail the end of Greece's emergency credit, but ordinary Greeks see little change.

Source: BBC News - Business | 19 Aug 2018 | 11:20 am(NZT)

Elon Musk’s Highs and Lows

Serial entrepreneur Elon Musk wants to fundamentally change the way we live. But his path to success has been characterized by both great accomplishments and flirtations with failure.

Source: NYT > Business Day | 19 Aug 2018 | 7:55 am(NZT)

Trump’s Plan for Coal Emissions: Let Coal States Regulate Them

President Trump is planning an overhaul of climate regulations that lets states set their own rules, according to people who have seen the proposal. Environmentalists say emissions could rise.

Source: NYT > Business Day | 19 Aug 2018 | 3:23 am(NZT)

VW's CEO was told about emissions software months before scandal: Der Spiegel

Volkswagen Chief Executive Herbert Diess was told about the existence of cheating software in cars two months before regulators blew the whistle on a multi-billion exhaust emissions scandal, German magazine Der Spiegel said.

Source: Reuters: Business News | 19 Aug 2018 | 3:13 am(NZT)

China's Geely in deal to let Malaysia's Proton tap new-energy, other vehicle tech in global push

Chinese automaker Geely has agreed to extend its existing partnership with Proton Holdings Berhad to upgrade the Malaysia carmaker's line-up of cars and power Proton go beyond Malaysia, part of an ongoing effort to help Proton establish a presence in China and other international markets.

Source: Reuters: Business News | 19 Aug 2018 | 1:09 am(NZT)

Retiring: Helping Banks Flag Fraud Against Seniors

A new law gives banks and their workers greater protection against liability in order to report suspicious activity — as long as they receive training to help them recognize it.

Source: NYT > Business Day | 18 Aug 2018 | 11:00 pm(NZT)

‘Lit’ Is Over, and Other Things You Can Pay Teens to Teach You

Consulting firms like JÜV are helping grown-up brands talk to young people without condescending to them.

Source: NYT > Business Day | 18 Aug 2018 | 10:00 pm(NZT)

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Chinese internet stock sell-off may shake faith in FANGs

A steep downturn in heavyweight Chinese internet stocks and recent weakness in half of the so-called FANG group have some investors worried that a key component of Wall Street's near-decade long rally may be low on fuel.

Source: Reuters: Business News | 18 Aug 2018 | 6:59 pm(NZT)

Exclusive: U.S. government seeks Facebook help to wiretap Messenger - sources

The U.S. government is trying to force Facebook Inc to break the encryption in its popular Messenger app so law enforcement may listen to a suspect's voice conversations in a criminal probe, three people briefed on the case said, resurrecting the issue of whether companies can be compelled to alter their products to enable surveillance.

Source: Reuters: Business News | 18 Aug 2018 | 11:42 am(NZT)

Walmart asks some beauty suppliers to consider sourcing outside of China

Walmart Inc has asked some beauty suppliers to consider sourcing products from outside China, as it looks for ways to mitigate the impact of a new set of tariffs on Chinese products proposed by the Trump administration.

Source: Reuters: Business News | 18 Aug 2018 | 10:06 am(NZT)

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