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Bee and tree sectors forge unlikely alliance in WA over access to native forest

Beekeepers and the logging industry rarely see eye-to-eye on how native forest assets should be managed, but in a shock move the two sectors team up to improve native forest access for honey producers.

Source: Business | 23 Sep 2020 | 6:56 pm(NZT)

Elon Musk's 'battery day' disappoints investors who cut $70b from Tesla's value

Investors slash more than 10 per cent from Tesla's value after Elon Musk's oft-touted "Battery Day" fails to deliver two significant expected announcements.

Source: Business | 23 Sep 2020 | 6:19 pm(NZT)

Google Maps asked to stop users 'walking' on Uluru through street view function

Parks Australia says it has alerted Google Australia to the user-generated images from the Uluru summit that have been posted on its mapping platform.

Source: Business | 23 Sep 2020 | 4:51 pm(NZT)

Historic cesspits a 'surprise' find during light rail excavations

Toilets from the only military barracks in Parramatta in the 1790s and Aboriginal artefacts dating back thousands of years are among the items found during preparations for Parramatta's Light Rail project.

Source: Business | 23 Sep 2020 | 3:28 pm(NZT)

Surfers Paradise battles image issues as locals, tourists stay away

Surfers Paradise operators have seen little economic benefit from the school holidays as the precinct faces more reputational damage after an alleged stabbing overnight.

Source: Business | 23 Sep 2020 | 2:47 pm(NZT)

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