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New US ambassador Scott Brown arrives in NZ, starts ticking off bucket list

The US ambassador to New Zealand has already ticked an item off his bucket list - on his first day in the country.

Source: - National | 25 Jun 2017 | 11:49 pm

One dead after light plane crashes in Otago

A body has been removed from the scene of a light plane crash in Central Otago and another man is at Dunedin Hospital with serious injuries.

Source: Radio New Zealand New Zealand Headlines | 25 Jun 2017 | 10:37 pm

Bomb squad destroys suspicious object in Huntly

The Defence Force bomb squad has destroyed a suspicious object that was in the middle of a Waikato roundabout.

Source: Radio New Zealand New Zealand Headlines | 25 Jun 2017 | 9:53 pm

False alarm after police bomb squad investigate unknown object in Huntly

Police have destroyed an object initially thought to be suspicious and removed a cordon in Huntly.

Source: - National | 25 Jun 2017 | 9:39 pm

Aero club member killed in Otago small plane crash

A man is dead and another has suffered serious injuries after a microlight crashed on an Otago Aero Club flight.

Source: - National | 25 Jun 2017 | 9:31 pm

Kiwi yacht owner blames outdated charts for Fiji shipwreck

The Kiwi owner of a yacht shipwrecked on a reef in Fiji says his nautical charts told him the reef was about 5km away - just before the boat hit it.Four New Zealanders were on the yacht Jungle when it ran aground on Friday morning,...

Source: - National | 25 Jun 2017 | 9:27 pm

Shipwrecked Kiwis safe thanks to inhabitants of small remote Fijian island

When Kiwi yachties were shipwrecked on a remote reef in the South Pacific, the people of the island where they sought refuge at first thought they were pirates.

Source: - National | 25 Jun 2017 | 9:17 pm

Tone for the election campaign has been set

OPINION: Bill English was seen holding open the door to a Wellington waterfront bar for members of his inner circle after the National conference at the weekend.

Source: - National | 25 Jun 2017 | 8:53 pm

Invercargill City Council defends itself against signage criticism

An Invercargill couple have given up on building their dream home in the city due to frustrations with the Invercargill City Council consents team.

Source: - National | 25 Jun 2017 | 8:50 pm

Peters uses Barclay debacle to campaign for regional boost to NZ First

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters is using the Todd Barclay recording scandal to make a bid for the regional vote.He upped his attack on National, saying that two Prime Ministers, Sir John Key and Bill English, had "covered...

Source: - National | 25 Jun 2017 | 8:45 pm

Firewood in hot demand as icy weather sets in

A Christchurch woman has had to cut branches off fruit trees to feed the fire which heats her family home as a firewood shortage grips the city.

Source: - National | 25 Jun 2017 | 8:41 pm

Bomb squad destroy suspicious item in Huntly

A New Zealand Defence Force bomb squad destroyed a suspicious object at a Huntly roundabout tonight. Waikato Police closed down the main road into Huntly after a member of the public called to report the object, which is sitting...

Source: - National | 25 Jun 2017 | 8:07 pm

Barclay affair: What the board knew

This article was first published on and is republished with permission. 

Source: - National | 25 Jun 2017 | 7:39 pm

Tragedy overtakes man gathering scallops near Maketu

An Asian man understood to be visiting family in Tauranga died while collecting scallops in the surf near Maketu.Papamoa woman Sarah Bridgens tried to revive him using chest compressions, but there was no pulse.She was with a...

Source: - National | 25 Jun 2017 | 7:10 pm

Dangerous mini crossbows pulled from TradeMe

Mini crossbows with the ability to fire nails and needles have been pulled from Trademe following concerns about the danger they pose to children.The "toothpick crossbow" is the latest must-have toy in China but has already been...

Source: - National | 25 Jun 2017 | 6:47 pm

11-year-old has bike stolen at knifepoint

When Cory Sonntag fell off his bike he thought the man coming towards him was going to help.Instead, the stranger threatened the 11-year-old with a knife and said he'd kill him if he didn't hand over the much loved Christmas present.Cory's...

Source: - National | 25 Jun 2017 | 6:08 pm

All-diesel trains will undo electric vehicle benefits

A renewable energy expert says the decision to de-electrify KiwiRail will more than negate all the emissions reductions from all the electrical vehicles in New Zealand.

Source: Radio New Zealand New Zealand Headlines | 25 Jun 2017 | 5:00 pm

Cuts to staff of Waikato University music school opposed

Pressure is mounting to save three jobs from a financially under-performing university music programme as supporters prepare to protest.In a rare move the University of Waikato has released the finances of the music programme showing...

Source: - National | 25 Jun 2017 | 4:45 pm

One dead, one injured in Otago plane crash

One person has died and another is seriously injuried after the small plane they were in crash in Central Otago this afternoon. Police say emergency services were called after the single-engine aircraft was reported overdue shortly...

Source: - National | 25 Jun 2017 | 4:35 pm

Man dead after being retrieved from river mouth

A man who was fishing in Bay of Plenty has died after being pulled from the water by members of the public.

Source: Radio New Zealand New Zealand Headlines | 25 Jun 2017 | 3:44 pm

Court date set for Kiwifruit case against MPI

More than 200 kiwifruit growers whose crops were ruined by the PSA vine disease will get their day in court in August.

Source: Radio New Zealand New Zealand Headlines | 25 Jun 2017 | 3:43 pm

NZ population to hit 6 million by 2100

New Zealand's population is projected to hit 6 million at the end of the century, with New Zealanders life expectancy growing to 92 years, according to a UN report.

Source: Radio New Zealand New Zealand Headlines | 25 Jun 2017 | 12:14 pm

Cash robbed from van after Eden Park match

Police are on the look out for two men who robbed a cash transit van outside Eden Park last night.

Source: Radio New Zealand New Zealand Headlines | 25 Jun 2017 | 11:09 am

Access issues force redesign of Chch justice precinct

Designers of Christchurch's new $300 million justice precinct have had to redesign some of its doors, after it was found police vans did not have space to turn around.

Source: Radio New Zealand New Zealand Headlines | 25 Jun 2017 | 10:37 am

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