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The cosmic collision that blew our minds

Scientists around the world came together to make what might be the discovery of the year - mysterious cosmic ripples from the spectacular collision of two neutron stars, 130 million years ago. Science reporter Jamie Morton explains....

Source: - Technology | 18 Oct 2017 | 8:18 pm

NZ Defence Force to buy 82 new high-tech rifles for $4 million

Two new types of weapons, including a long range sniper rifle that can hit targets at almost twice the distance current weapons can, are being bought by the New Zealand Defence Force [NZDF] at a cost of $4 million.NZDF announced...

Source: - Technology | 18 Oct 2017 | 5:07 pm

'I was terrified they were dead': The sick new Facebook game leaving parents desperate

A sick Facebook game that urges teenagers to go missing for two days is spreading panic among parents.Children as young as 14 are believed to have taken part in the '48-hour Challenge' with youngsters often doing it in pairs or...

Source: - Technology | 18 Oct 2017 | 3:18 pm

Facebook's head of hardware lab to leave as talk of artificial intelligence chip emerges

Source: Technology | 18 Oct 2017 | 9:42 am

When do the clocks go back and who came up with Daylight Saving Time?

Source: Technology | 18 Oct 2017 | 2:56 am

Google Maps removing 'shaming' feature that shows calories a route would burn in cupcakes

Source: Technology | 18 Oct 2017 | 2:33 am

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